The Best Preschool in Gurgaon (2024)

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Learn with us! Experience a fun and meaningful education in a supportive environment with world-class facilities. We strive to provide a secure, nurturing and enriching environment at our preschool in Gurgaon where every child can develop mentally, morally and physically.

    Age Group(18months To 6Years)

    Our Preschool Programs

    Educating a child through quality methodologies is Imperio’s first priority, so you can be certain that your child will thrive at our Preschool in Gurugram.

    Early Explorers (18 - 24 Months)

    This program focuses on the exploration part and promotes gradual development of a child's sensory, cognitive and gross motor skills through nurturing and fun environment. This is one of best programs at our preschool/play school in Gurgaon.

    Smart Scholars (24 - 36 Months)

    The courseware of this program focuses on independent and result-oriented learning. Curriculum objectives include encouraging students to build the mental habits that will help them succeed in school and become more well-rounded individuals.

    Nursery (36 - 48 Months)

    Here the children will be open to receive conventional education focused on subject-based learning with access to cutting-edge educational tools. We foster their curiosity and inspiration with age-appropriate stimulation that includes the right amount of learning and play.

    Admissions Open for Session 2024-25

    Unlock your child's growth by opting for our advanced and comprehensive programs and enable your kids
    to become confident and positive minds. Don't wait, you are choosing one of the best Preschools in Gurgaon.
    Why should you choose Imperio's PreSchool in Gurgaon?
    Our Values and Philosophy
    We are not just a normal preschool in Gurgaon but a platform where children are raised to be versatile learners and global citizens.
    Our magnificent infrastructure offers sufficient indoor and outdoor spaces for children to develop and learn, so parents can rest assured that their kids are safe here. To encourage children's innate curiosity, we employ a variety of methods in our exploration room.
    Imperio’s comprehensive course material is structured so that each child may go forward at their own speed, based on their unique set of skills and interests. We've packed the kids' playroom with objects that stimulate all five senses to help them learn and develop.
    Fostering a child's independence helps them develop a healthy self-esteem. Our team of adroit faculties are experts at providing children with several viable activities as per their own choice.
    Impart value driven education that can act as a helping hand in developing traits including gratitude, kindness, truthfulness, friendship, responsibility, patience and acceptance.
    Things For Kids

    Campus Attractions In Our Gurgaon Preschool

    Our Infrastructure offers the perfect environment for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors. We are providing the best infrastructure at our Playschool in Gurgaon.


    Open Amphitheatre enables children to engage in art and theatre, while being close to nature.

    Sensory Play

    Sensory play activities to enhance learning experience through curiosity and creativity.

    Discovery Room

    Discovery room will foster self exploration through visual learning, storytelling, theatre, elocutions and more.

    Role Play Area

    Role Play Activities helps the kids build confidence, imagination and communication skills.

    Real Gardening

    Gardening activities help children develop sense of responsibility, patience and perseverance.

    Settling Area

    Settling room helps in smooth transition to the new environment during the initial phase of distraction with the family.
    Imperio School - Best preschool in Gurgaon

    Our Success Stories

    Let's explore the success stories that put us in the good books of our potential clients.

    Glimpses of what we do at Imperio Schools

    Events and Activities

    Have a peek at some of the captivating stills of the activities and the infrastructures of Imperio preschool in Gurgaon.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Imperio School unique curriculum with fun-based learning makes it one of the top choices among all parents. Here, children will find an atmosphere of safety and stimulation where their natural inquisitiveness will be encouraged and used to further their learning. If you want to visit our preschool in Gurgaon, call us directly or book an appointment with us.
    Imperio School believes in giving children real-time experiences, our in-house developed curriculum and activities are well-researched and cater to every child’s learning needs. Our activities are integrated with monthly themes and concepts. We follow the guidelines of NEP and ECCE.
    Many aspects, including age, should be considered when assessing whether or not a child is developmentally ready for preschool. According to us, best time to enroll in preschool starts within 18 months.
    As per current structure, we have 1:8 teacher child ratio in one classroom.
    Preschool serves as the basic necessity for the soundfil development of the students. Moreover, it gives children a head start on learning social, cognitive, and behavioral skills. Our Preschool in Gurgaon meets all the requirements that a child needs to learn and grow. For more details, you can visit us offline.
    The basic preschool admission age of a child is 1 to 2.5 years for pre nursery, 2 to 3 years for nursery, 3 to 4 years for LKG and 4 to 5 years for UKG.
    As such, there is no right age to start preschooling education for your child, moreover it depends on the parents, how quickly they see potential in their child to join a preschool. If you feel, your child is playschool ready, you can contact us or visit our Preschool in Gurgaon.
    Preschool prepares children's minds and bodies for the rigors of elementary school and beyond. At our preschool in Gurgaon, the children get the opportunity to strengthen their basics.
    At Imperio Schools, our value-driven learning methods definitely prepares a child for formal education.

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