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Sonam Jain

Sonam Jain is a Certified Nutritionist with expertise in Health, Diet and Child Nutrition. She is known for her knowledge in food and nutritional requirements for toddlers, children and adults dealing with a variety of conditions.

She works closely with parents to develop diet and nutrition programs for children to stimulate their minds and body. Moreover, she believes that eating right has to be inculcated from childhood, thus helping parents and children understand the relationship between food and health, and make suitable dietary choices.

She is an SRCC graduate, who further pursued her passion in the healthcare industry and acquired her Master's in Dietetics and Nutrition & is a certified Ayurveda expert!

Dr. Inderbir Sandhu

Author of "THE SECRET TO RAISING A SMARTER CHILD", Dr. Sandhu is an established academician with a PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge, UK and has been working with individuals of high abilities since 1996.

She was also the Vice-President for the National Association for Gifted Children, Malaysia (NAGCM). At present, she is the advisor for the NAGCM and in the Advisory Board of Abacus and Vedic Arithmetic Study (AVAS, India).

Dr Sandhu has researched, presented and published various papers on giftedness both locally and internationally. Her areas of expertise and interests are gifted education, IQ testing, creative thinking and assessment, critical thinking, positive psychology, motivation and bullying issues in schools and the workplace.

She currently provides training, consulting and counselling for preschool educators, parents, children, and the corporate world.
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