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Grow. Discover. Participate.

At Imperio, we focus on developing a passion for discovering, learning and
participating in children so that they never seize to grow.


We believe elementary education works as a foundation to child’s values and belief system. Moreover, all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can discover, blossom and grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

We at Imperio School bring forth an environment where children can unlock their creativity with the ability to express and learn, while their potential is nurtured before making way to a new world.

Kids friendly Ecosystem

Colourful environment with diverse play and learning spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

Experts on our Panel

Interactive sessions with childcare experts on nutrition, parenting and child psychology.

Parental Partnership

Two-way communication with parents in order to foster child’s growth together.

Visual Perception Activities

Programs designed to enhance brain’s ability to interpret and recall what children’s see.

About Us

Imperio School is a school with true heart and soul. Our pedagogy is based one exploratory learning techniques which includes dynamic curriculum, committed teachers and innovative infrastructure, further integrated with adventurous, enthusiastic and a supportive atmosphere. These first experiences will have a long lasting impact on children’s future learning.

Our Vision

Imperio envisions to embrace the expectations of every parent and be with them in their journey of raising a happy child, who treats and greets everyone with an open heart. We wish to inspire our children to become life-long learners and contribute in meaningful ways to the society and world around them.

Our Mission

Through our pedagogy, we aim to stimulate child’s own desire to learn and to ignite the latent potential by giving them the opportunity to develop holistically in head, heart and hands (smart, sympathetic and active) in a fascinating, yet safe environment.
Things For Kids

Campus Attractions

Our Infrastructure offers the perfect environment for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors.


Open Amphitheatre enables children to engage in art and theatre, while being close to nature.

Sensory Play

Sensory play activities to enhance learning experience through curiosity and creativity.

Discovery Room

Discovery room will foster self exploration through visual learning, storytelling, theatre, elocutions and more.

Role Play Area

Role Play Activities helps the kids build confidence, imagination and communication skills.

Real Gardening

Gardening activities help children develop sense of responsibility, patience and perseverance.

Settling Area

Settling room helps in smooth transition to the new environment during the initial phase of distraction with the family.
An Edge Ahead

What makes us different

Value-driven learning with a holistic approach by focusing on Friendship, Cooperation, Gratitude, Compassion, Respect, Kindness, Truthfulness, Responsibility, Acceptance, Patience and Perseverance.
Our innovative infrastructure provides the safest environment for the kids, with widespread play and learning spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Our discovery room will enable the kids to unlock inquisitiveness through visual learning, storytelling, theatre, elocutions and more.
Our extensive curriculum is designed to enable every child to learn with his individual instinct and pace. For the children, we have handpicked tools and toys which appeal to all five senses and encourage the learning process.
Fostering Independence in children adds to the sense of competence in themselves at this stage. Our teachers have mastered the art of giving children choices and all of the activities are carefully planned out, and the children get to choose what they want to do.
Playing in learning

Our Programs

At Imperio Preschool in Gurgaon, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at Imperio School.

Early Explorers

Age - 18 months to 24 months

To navigate their first experience of world exploration, this program is designed to spark curiosity amongst the youngest learners while developing cognitive, gross motor and sensory skills through play based activities.

Smart Scholars

Age - 24 months to 36 months

At this stage, children are encouraged to be independent and responsible learners. This program will help each child to develop their creative, fine motor and critical thinking skills, along with essential habits to support lifelong learning.


Age - 36 months to 48 months

This program is designed to facilitate a seamless transition to conventional forms of education by providing students with advancing educational opportunities. The curriculum incorporates subject-based learning developing math, language and environmental skills.


A Learning Environment For Comprehensive Development

Children learn about their world through the use of their senses. In our programs, classroom activities that focus on discovery and exploration will facilitate just that kind of learning.
About the Teachers

Our Team

Our team at Imperio comprises of passionate educators who put their hearts to unlock every child’s potential and help them grow into inquisitive, creative, confident and positive minds.

Imperio School - At A Glance


Interested in good school education for your child? Our Imperio School is the right decision!
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